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Living life free from clothing in an adult only, open minded environment with friends both new and old.

Here at Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch we want to welcome you to experience being at one with yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.

Naturism has become a way of living our lives and becoming one with nature and we want to welcome you to experience just that.

For the enjoyment of all we are outlining our policies and guidelines, which from time to time may be updated as needed, so please check back regularly to see if there is anything new you need to know.

We will do our best to keep you informed as to any new changes to our policies.

It is understood by each visiting individual at Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch that you have read our policies and further agree to all the terms and conditions outlined below and any handouts provided upon arrival..

Please review them carefully as your stay here with us then implies acceptance and you agree and understand its contents fully.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

We look forward to your visit.

VISITORS AGREEMENT Rules & Regulations

1. Individual privacy must be respected at all times; therefore all electronic recording devices are not to be used. These would include but are not limited to Cell Phones, Camera’s and Laptop’s. We understand that you are out to enjoy yourself and may want your own memories to take home with you; however picture taking on the ranch without the express consent of others leads to unhealthy feelings. So please respect those around you that do not wish to have their pictures taken. If anyone is caught taken pictures without the express consent of the persons being photographed your equipment will be confiscated immediately and you will be asked to leave without refund. Absolutely NO PHOTOGRAPHY of persons under the age of 18 allowed.

2. Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch is a nudist ranch and being nude is required. We understand that due to personal circumstances that some individuals at certain times will require some clothing. Exceptions will be made for the following reasons:

  • protection from nature's elements as needed.
  • for ladies personal hygiene as required during menstruation.
  • First time visitors whom are trying out the nudist way of living, a period of adjustment will be understood.
  • Special events where themes are recommended. Outfits and costumes are encouraged to keep in the spirit of the event however, you are welcome to dress up or dress down for the event of the day. "LESS IS MORE" (If you feel you have any other special circumstances which you are unsure of please feel free to make inquiries).

3. It is an etiquette of all nudists for sanitary reasons to travel with a towel at all times. Please sit on your towels while you are naked. This is a MUST. Also all persons wishing to use the pool and hot tub are required prior to entering these areas to have a shower using soap to clean off any oils and lotions.

4. We strive here for an enjoyable stay for all and we ask that each individual conduct themselves in a respectable manner. Our common areas such as pools, hot tubs and public gathering areas are designed for everyone's enjoyment while nude. We have a wide variety of individuals that come out to Freedom Fields and many are here for various reasons of enjoyment. We ask that you respect the other individuals around you by refraining from profanity, rudeness and loud and excessive noise. We are not here to judge anyone on their life's choices and all are welcome to join us here at the ranch where we believe whole heartedly that a person's behaviour is there passport to visiting us. We have a policy what grown adult's do in private is of no concern of ours and nor should it be of anyone else's that chooses to visit us here. We do kindly ask that all activities that effect the overall visitors in the common areas be taken to a more appropriate location during your visit. 

5. All guests and members are required to register and check in upon arrival, and check out when departing. All visitors and members must provide a credit card imprint and copy of a valid piece of identification. The privacy of all members, guests and visitors is very important to all and we are committed to collecting this information with integrity. All information collected will be stored securely and kept confidential. Any personal data being collected is information required for the purpose of doing business and at no times will be shared without your written consent to do so. All outstanding account balances are payable at time of departure, any outstanding balances due that were missed at time of check out, such as but not limited to site cleanup will be billed to your credit card. All members who bring guests are encouraged to have them register upon arrival and freedom day fees and or additional camping fees are applicable to your guests. Any unregistered guests will be billed to your account.

6. Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to your personal belongings including trailers and vehicles. Please keep them safe at all times. 

7. It is understood by you that you are here at Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch on your own accord and are therefore taking full responsibility for your own safety and well-being. We will make every effort to help make your stay enjoyable and incident free but we will not assume any responsibility for any accidents, injuries and any resulting medical conditions including death as a result of such injuries and accidents that occur while you are visiting anywhere here on the FFNR Ranch. Please stay safe and always use common sense. This is a wilderness / working ranch and you must be careful of all the natural elements at all times.

8. Any persons wishing to swim in the pond and or pool assumes full responsibility for their own safety. No persons under the age of 18 shall swim in the pond and or pool. 

9. No littering please. Garbage is to be disposed of in the provided receptacles and we encourage everyone to take your non biodegradable garbage home with you for proper disposal. No glass containers or bottles please we would prefer you use plastic containers at all times.

10. Members only can bring pet’s, however you are responsible for them at all times and they must be leashed while on campsites and in common areas. If however you wish to take your dog further back into the property for a walk or run that is acceptable but please scoop the poop.

Please note: we have two farm dogs here that have a job to do on the farm and at no time will they be leashed.

11. Campfires at the camp sites are limited to the individual fire ring and are not to be overly large fires. No cutting down of trees to feed your fires there is enough wood laying down for you to collect at your own pleasure or can be purchased from FFNR. Main bonfire areas will be provided and all persons must respect any and all fire bans issued by our local municipality. You will be notified if these bans are in effect. In failure to comply with these bans you will be held responsible for any costs associated with fines issued and for fire response teams if dispatched to the Ranch due to not observing this ban. SMOKEY THE BEAR is very serious about these bans and these bans are there for a reason.

12. We kindly ask all individuals to respect the property of Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch at all times. No vandalizing will be tolerated at any time and the necessary steps will be taken in regards to such matters and you will be asked to leave the premises immediately without refund.

Please always bear in mind that we are striving to offer you an enjoyable stay here at the Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch. We look forward to your visit and encourage positive and constructive feedback. Any and all policies are subject to change at any time at the discretion of Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch.

Rivised March 4th 2016